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February 5th, 2016

For the first time in Tube Walking history, there is a scheduled tube strike on the day of the Tube Walk!

As a South Londoner, I don't really know how tube strikes work, but I presume they make it a bit difficult for Tube Walks to happen. So if the strike goes ahead, don't come a-walking - we will postpone it till the 14th.

But if it gets cancelled at the last moment, there will be a Tube Walk on from Osterley on Sunday 7th as planned, as it's the most convenient date for a while.

I will post a further update from my cloud of vagueness on Sunday morning!

UPDATE: As hoshuteki says, the strike is suspended so the walk will go ahead as normal! Phew.

January 6th, 2016

Tube Walk 118 will take place on Sunday 7th February and we will be walking from Osterley to Boston Manor. Should be delightful! Meet at Osterley tube station from 2pm for a prompt departure at 2.30.

A vague indication of whether you're intending to come would be helpful, but it's OK if you want to surprise us! (Contact details here if you need to text on the day.)

October 26th, 2015

On Sunday 1st November we will be walking from Northwood to Northwood Hills. Meet from 2pm at Northwood station for a prompt departure at 2.30. It's quite far away for most Tubewalking folks, so set your alarm clocks for an early start!

September 22nd, 2015

Tube Walk 117

The next Tube Walk will take place on Sunday 1st November! Sorry, I promised an October Tube Walk but this is not going to come to pass. All the more time to dust off your hiking boots for a tramp from Northwood to Northwood Hills, a station I'd never heard of before yesterday, but can only presume is a mountainous region at the far end of the Metropolitan line.

Meet at Northwood station from 2pm for a prompt departure at 2.30. See you there!

August 17th, 2015

Due to popular demand for more of North-west London, the Tube Walk on Sunday 23rd August will now encompass two walks! We will be walking from North Wembley to South Kenton, and then from Northwick Park to Preston Road. Much of this walk may be in Harrow, which isn't even mentioned on any of the tube stations.

Meet from 2pm at North Wembley station for a prompt departure at 2.30. If you only want to do the first walk and then go home, that's fine. If you only want to do the second walk, that will probably be a bit confusing, but not impossible. The Navigator requires a brisk pace so he can go and watch a film afterwards.
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