Hawksley Newham (miss_newham) wrote in tubewalkers,
Hawksley Newham

Tube Walk 150

Hello Tube Walkers,

Our Navigator Ewan is leaving the country next month, so we'd like to have one small Tube Walk before he goes. This will be the walk from St. Paul's to Bank that we've had to reschedule a couple of times this year but is definitely NOT cursed in any way...

I know some of you are shielding at home and some of you are not comfortable with going on public transport, so please don't feel obliged to come. However, if you're a regular Tube Walker and fancy it, do come along. This will be a one-off event and I'll re-start a more regular programme of walks when it's safer to do so (given the walk after this is from Stanmore...).

So: the next Tube Walk will be on Sunday 4th October at 2pm. We will be walking from St. Paul's to Bank.

Health-and-safety: please let me know if you would like to come. We probably won't be more than 6 people; if we are, we'll split into two groups. It'd be good to start more promptly than usual, so please aim for 2pm and we'll leave by 2.15 at the very latest. We probably won't end the walk in the pub, unless there's one with spacious outdoor seating. And I promise not to blow the whistle in anyone's face.

Best wishes for the Tube Walks of the future! We'll conquer that list sooner or later...

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