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London Tubewalkers

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What is tube walking?

"In lieu of anything better coming along I have decided to become a cross between neil_scott and Iain Sinclair and walk the length and breadth of the Underground system. Not all in an afternoon you understand, but bit by bit, walking from station to station, I should imagine it will take years. So here is the initial list I’ve drawn up of the walks, with many mistakes no doubt but I’ll keep tweaking it until the lot is covered. Pubs of distinction, quality eating places and noteworthy landmarks will be sampled, photos taken and umbrellas employed. I’ll post on here when we are going to undertake each walk and you can advise me of things to see and do if you want, or even join us for the stroll if it tickles your fancy. The only rule I’m imposing is that each walk will be done in the order of the list, the list is, as I’m sure you already know, king."

See also:
* The complete list of Tube Walkers, walks 1-99 and walks 100 onwards (you'll have to be a community member to see these). Get yourself on it by coming to the next walk!
* The Google map.

Next Tube Walk: South Quay → Crossharbour, Sunday 14 April 2019, 2pm (for 2:30pm start).

All hail Woody tubewalker! (Come back anytime!)

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